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Our travel specialists co-create unique holidays together with the customer. Excellent, personal service is a key factor in this process, which not only encompasses composing the trip, but continues during and after the journey. It’s our goal to make each trip an unforgettable experience and a memory for a lifetime.


ExperienceTravel is providing customers with a lot of inspiration. Our website is filled with information about destinations, accommodations and activities. Furthermore, ExperienceTravel also provides beautiful images and video’s so the customer knows exactly what to expect. There is also the possibility to subscribe to a bi-weekly newsletter and several travel publications. These services provide extra inspiration and suggestions, as well as a possibility to register for one of the special events.

Personal advice

To compose a unique journey that perfectly suits the needs of the client our travel specialists offer the service to pay house-visits and discuss the travel plans. This is also possible after office hours. Of course, there is also the possibility to make an appointment at our office in ‘s-Hertogenbosch or to contact us through e-mail and phone.

Dedicated travel specialist

During the creation of the itineray, every customer has a personal dedicated travel specialist. She/he is the first point of contact to make sure that communication is clear. All travel specialist travel frequently to ‘their’ destinations destinations and therefore we can guarantee that every specialist will give her honest opinion and knows the ins- and outs of a destination or accommodation.

Custom proposal

We design trips, like an architect designs houses. We use our knowledge in combination with the clients needs to make sure that you have a customized and unique trip. This will take some more time than any regular trip. Customers will receive a custom proposal which they can adjust in agreement with their travel specialist. The result is their own, unique journey.


Recently, ExperienceTravel added ExperienceHolidays, which is specialized in extraordinary holidays. The difference with ExperienceTravel is that customers booking with ExperienceHolidays will stay in 1 hotel, where ExperienceTravel will stay at many different hotels during their tour. This brand new concept will allow ExperienceTravel customers to also book their city trips and beach breaks with our organisation. Everyone can book a city trip on their own, but ExperienceHolidays will open doors to special and unique experiences which will result in memories for a lifetime.