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The search for authenticity and quality has determined the tours of Voyage & Culture for the last 25 years. This has resulted into cultural, guided tours by skilled Dutch experts created for individual travellers.
‘Voyage’ stands for discoveries and by ‘Culture’ we don’t just mean visiting musea, theaters and expositions. We look at culture in a much wider sense and include political climate, history and sociological developments into our tours.

Our cooperation with well-known Dutch writers, journalists and historians add value to the tours and create experiences that are impossible to experience when travelling on your own. We stay well away from the masses and go off the beaten, cultural track by visiting e.g. the fenced off depots of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Other examples are visits to private collections and going backstage in famous theaters to witness rehearsels and premieres.

Over the last centuries several renowned cultural institutions have entrusted us to organise their tours. Among them are Het Stedelijk Museum, Het Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Het Nationale Ballet and de Vrije Academie. Next to this we have a special collaboration with the NRC Handelsblad Academie. Their tours are characterized by readings and excursions of the leading Dutch experts on society, history, philosophy and political subjects.

Voyage & Culture serves the contemporary cultural explorer.